About Us:

We are a very small, intimate dog resort.  Our cottage is very light and open with lots of windows and french doors.   We  have 11 suites plus a living room and play room.  Each suite has a 5 x 10 indoor, heated and cooled area with at least one window and it's own individual, large grassy,  fenced yard.  Each suite also has a nice soft bed with toys.    Most of our suites also feature their own covered deck.  The deck sizes range from 6'x8' to 6'x20'.

The dogs access their decks and yards via doggy doors so they can come and go as they like, on their schedule.  If owners prefer their pets be more restricted we can accomodate that as well.

The dogs are invited into the living room/playroom each day, kennel by kennel, not all at the same time.  We read, watch television or play indoors as per each pet's preference. Each pet is treated as an individual with his or her own  wants/needs which we strive to accomodate.  We pride ourselves on our ability  to provide each pet with the individual time and attention they so richly deserve.

We have a 4 acre, securely fenced playground.  Part of the playground is grassy lawn and part is lightly wooded with bold trails.  The 2 different areas are separate.  If dogs like to chase squirrels and hunt they can go into the treed area.  If they prefer a more manicured setting or like to be leash walked we take them into the  manicured area.  We have doggy pools, lots of shaded area and a myriad of toys available.  We have a ball chucker for fetching dogs.  The dogs are let out to play on the playground at least twice daily and are always supervised.  We do not turn dogs out with other dogs unless the owner requests it and we have compatible dogs at that time.