Our rates are all inclusive.  We do not charge extra for playtime, dog brushing, giving medication (including insulin injections).  We feel that is all part of providing for the pet's needs while in our care.

We do offer to wash and blow dry dogs for an additional fee.  This also includes ear cleaning.

We do however require that every pet be flea and tick free upon arrival. 
We reccommend Comfortis as an excellent flea preventative.  This must be purchased from your vet.  If ticks are an isssue, where you live, Preventic collars are very effective and last up to 3 months.  We also require that every dog be current of vaccines ie rabies, parvo distemper and bordatella. 

Our daily rate is $50 per dog, per day.  If you have 2 dogs in the same kennel it is $70 per day. If you have 3 dogs in the same kennel it is $90, 4 dogs in the same kennel it is $100 per day.

Day of drop off is always a charged day. Dogs picked up before 10 am will not be charged for the day of pickup.

Dogs must be picked up by 10 am the day of departure, or an extra day must be charged.